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At Phase 2 Leadership, we work with organizations and individuals pursuing the next level of performance, providing services such as organizational development consulting and leadership coaching.  At our core, we are committed to helping people lead rewarding and fulfilling lives. Within organizations, that means experiencing exceptional teamwork. We understand there are logistical and fiscal requirements to successfully running your business. But, we also know that sustainable, high performing teams are built on a foundation of skilled leadership and a stable, supporting culture. From coaching a single leader to larger consulting engagements, our goal is to help you and your people excel.

David Bonomi, Founder/President

David's passion for teamwork began when he discovered the sport of rowing in high school. He loved the close connection between a team's performance and their ability to work in unison He also experienced how leadership and team culture affected the team's willingness to trust and fully commit to each other under intense conditions.
David went on to start his corporate career as a designer on product development teams. He enjoyed the opportunity to create and solve problems. It didn't take long, however, for him to want to direct those efforts to the human side of helping projects succeed. He saw so much potential to improve both the level of teamwork and the job satisfaction of his colleagues.
Determined to make a difference, David sought leadership roles in project management and senior management responsible for multiple teams and departments. As a leader, he transformed teams that could not meet deadlines, or achieved short-term success through exhausting heroics, to ones that consistently delivered results to plan in a sustainable and scalable way.
David founded Phase 2 Leadership with the goal of helping organizations succeed in transforming their culture of leadership and team performance. His focus is developing the underlying skills required to build, lead and support high performance teams. David has a knack for getting to the heart of problems quickly. By combining an understanding of team dynamics and human behavior with a love for helping others reach their potential, he works with key leaders and team members within organizations to facilitate rapid and sustainable changes.
David earned his bachelors and masters degrees from Cornell University.  He holds certifications as a practitioner for the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator® and the Strong Interest Inventory®. He remains active with rowing, particularly as a coach.


Houston, Texas

Phase 2 Leadership is based in Houston, TX.

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