People, Potential, Possibilities.

Helping organizations and individuals reach peak potential through building strong cultures of authentic leadership and courageous teamwork.

Phase 2 Leadership provides coaching, training and consulting designed to develop the authentic leader and courageous teammate in everyone. We strive to bring out the best in every leader, because effective leaders know how to bring out the best in those they lead. We’ll teach you to tap into the full potential of your team and focus their collective strengths into extraordinary results. This is the cornerstone of great leadership. Along the way, you’ll learn how to identify the barriers to success in your current environment and develop the powerful culture that fits your organization; a culture that provides the structure and support your teams require for peak performance.


For Individuals:

Are you looking to advance your career in leadership? Do you want to grow your small business? We work with individual clients in addition to larger organizations. We offer personalized coaching services to individuals seeking to work more effectively with others, in any aspect of their lives. Read more.

Teamwork & Execution

teamwork When it comes to execution, there is no substitute for teamwork, the combined efforts of a group towards a common goal. Simply put, executing successfully requires that many things go as planned. A lack of teamwork disrupts that flow of critical events and the problems begin. Challenges compound into bigger challenges and execution ultimately breaks down. Important deadlines are missed and quality suffers. In contrast, teams that work well together execute to their plans and adapt quickly to the unexpected. Their performance is consistent over time and they seem virtually unstoppable.

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Leadership & Executive Coaching

teamwork Given the challenges and demands of their role, it is important for leaders at all levels to find mentors, teachers and sounding boards to help them. Some are able to connect in this way with someone at work, while others find it challenging. Working with a Phase 2 Leadership Coach offers the feedback and insights necessary to help you meet the specific challenges and demands you are facing today.

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