Helping Organizations Create:

Authentic Leaders

who bring out the best in those they lead.

Strong, High-Performance Teams

that execute to plan and align to navigate the unexpected.

A Transformed Culture

that fosters peak potential and supports their values.

Unified Alignment and Planning

to bring strategic growth initiatives to life.

People, Potential, Possibilities.

Phase 2 Leadership provides coaching, consulting and training to organizations looking to develop and tap into the full potential of their leaders and teams. From your people to your processes to your culture that surrounds it all, we look at the complete picture to understand your organization and get to the heart of what is holding you back. Then we help you navigate the path to improving, honoring that your people are always your greatest asset.

Whether it’s supporting and coaching a single leader or working with your entire organization, we help you close the gap between your current reality and the peak performance you seek.

Executive Coaching

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Given the challenges and demands of their role, it is important for leaders at all levels to find mentors, teachers and sounding boards to help them. Some are able to connect in this way with someone at work, while others find it challenging. Working with a Phase 2 Leadership Coach offers the feedback and insights necessary to help you meet the specific challenges and demands you are facing today. Read more

Teamwork & Execution

teamwork When it comes to execution, there is no substitute for teamwork, the combined efforts of a group towards a common goal. Simply put, executing successfully requires that many things go as planned. A lack of teamwork disrupts that flow of critical events and the problems begin. Challenges compound into bigger challenges and execution ultimately breaks down. Important deadlines are missed and quality suffers. In contrast, teams that work well together execute to their plans and adapt quickly to the unexpected. Their performance is consistent over time and they seem virtually unstoppable.

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Coaching for Project Teams

Coaching for Project Teams We have found one of the most effective ways to help teams improve their ability to work well together is to develop their leadership and teamwork skills within the daily demands of their actual projects. No case studies or roleplay exercises necessary. Just real life. Not only do we help teams navigate the immediate challenges they face, we teach them proven strategies for producing lasting results.

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